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We invite you to add free content to your website by publishing our recipes.

Offer your visitors a reason to keep coming back to your website... by updating your recipe page as often as you like.  Some do it monthly, others weekly, and a few even daily! 

Our recipes are free, courtesy of Food-Recipes-Free-Online.com.

However, we require that you follow the steps below:



1.   Send an email with your websites URL, along with your request to: recipes@food-recipes-free-online.com.  I grant almost any request, as long as the site is "G" rated.  "Adult-oriented" sites will not be approved.


2.  We do not allow any site to have more than 10 of our recipes at any one time published on their site.  An archive of our recipes in NOT ALLOWED.  You will attract visitors to your website by changing the recipes frequently.


3.    We require that each recipe have a link back to our website as follows:

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