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Side Dishes - Americans Need More Vegetables and Fruits

Only one in five Americans are eating enough fruits and vegetables according to the Product for Better Health Foundation.

The Consumption of fruit and vegetables has declined nearly 14% over the past ten years.  And it is families with children that seem to have the worst eating habits.  Only 13% of the American families eat the recommended 5 daily servings of fruits and vegetables.  87% are not eating a healthy diet.  A high percentage of Americans eating healthy diets are over the age of 65.  Families with young children have the worst diets.

Many reasons explain this alarming statistic. There is a decline in the number of dishes served per meal, as well as the number of ingredients used in meals.  In the rush for convenience, it seems the fruits and vegetables that are often found in the side dishes and vegetables surrounding a main course are being omitted.  If you talk to many of the younger family members, they say they simply don't like vegetables and prefer other snack foods to fruits.

The vegetables and fruits found in the side dishes are probably the most important ingredient to preparing a healthy meal for your family.  Many of these vegetable and side dish recipes are quick, and all of them are delicious!  Take the time to add a few side dishes and creative vegetables to your meal. Your family's health is worth it! 





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Elegant Broccoli

Enjoy healthy broccoli served with a tangy slightly hot sauce drizzled over it.  It is pretty on the plate, and tastes as good as it looks!


Homemade Noodles

We can't have Christmas or Thanksgiving without these noodles.  They are a must have at our table. They are not like any noodle you've ever eaten.  They are thick, chewy and tasty.  Gotta try the homemade dumplings!