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Soups and Salads are a great choice for a light lunch or a hearty dinner.   But have you tried serving your meal in courses? If you are planning a dinner party, try serving the meal in stages!  Let the meal and the conversations around the table become the focus and entertainment of the evening.  Start with an appetizer, and serve wine appropriate for that appetizer. Clear the table, and serve the next course of a luscious homemade soup, and again, a complimentary wine. (By the way, your liquor store usually gives good suggestions on what to serve when.) The soup is followed by a salad, the salad by the entree, the entree by the dessert etc. you get the picture! 

The dinner should take several hours, and the guests have lots of time for conversations and lots of laughs around the dining table.  The key is to not rush the dinner.  It should be relaxing, and each course removed before the next course is brought out.  It takes a bit of planning, but well worth it!  Many of the courses, especially the soups and the salads can be made ahead of time. This allows you, the hostess, time with you guests... you will not be spending all of your time in the kitchen with proper planning!  Guests will wonder how you can keep coming out with more wonderful food in such a short period of time, with seemingly no effort!  It is all about choosing the right food recipes!  Select items that can be prepared in advance, and require little prep time prior to serving.  Plan ahead, and know when the entree needs to be put in the oven, or when the soup needs to be heated... This can then be warming or cooking while you are enjoying time with your guests.

Very few people take the time to entertain in this way today.  We are always so rushed.  Try it... it will be something that will not soon be forgotten by anyone!  You will find many recipes here, both salads and soups, and entrees that are perfect options for making ahead of time so you can easily serve a meal everyone will remember!

Serving meals in courses is something Mother does with ease.  (Don't fret if at first it seems hard for you... she says practice makes perfect!)  I love going to her house for a dinner party.

Check out our favorite salads and soups and start planning your next special "occasion"!





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 Feature Recipe


Cran-Cheese Frosties

This is a frozen salad, that can be made ahead for a holiday meal.  It is a tart cranberry sauce topped with a fresh whipped cream topping.  It is spooned into a muffin tin lined with cup cake papers, and served in individual servings.  It is a family favorite!

Mom's Spicy Chili

OK... here it is!  The best chili recipe you've ever eaten!  This is a rich spicy chili with lot of flavor.  It will warm you to the bone.  Perfect for cold winter days!