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Many good cooks are reluctant to serve appetizers when preparing a nice full course dinner, as they don't want their dinner guests to be full before the main course arrives!  This is definitely something to consider when selecting the appetizer!

If the occasion is strictly hors d'oeuvres, then a hearty option would be a good choice.  Whether you have friends dropping over for a beer, or a cocktail party with martinis, it is fun to pull yummy appetizers out for all to enjoy.  Many of these recipes can be prepared in advance and frozen.  You will impress everyone when you can whip up prize winning appetizers in a matter of minutes!

Our family favorite is the Curried Shrimp Canapés. I keep small freezer bags of the shrimp canapé mixture, on hand at all times.  It freezes beautifully for up to a year.  I also keep the bread squares on hand the same way... frozen!  When the occasion arises, I am ready to serve a gourmet appetizer that takes minutes to assemble!

Lynda's hot Jalapeño salsa recipe for canning is fabulous, if you like your salsa hot and tangy!  We eat it by the quart!  It is great to add to any dish you want to spice up.  We like it because it is soooo hot and tangy! 

The caramelized orange pecans and hot pepper pecans are great to keep around for the holidays or for snacks in the summertime.  Everyone reaches for these, so make a lot, and make it often! 



The sausage canapés and Homie's baked meatballs are perfect if you are looking for a hearty appetizer.

If you want an elegant option, do the Caviar Supreme.  It is fabulous, and makes a beautiful presentation.

And, what's a ball game or picnic without a little Texas trash!



Beverages - Warm Winter Days or Please Thirsty Crowds

The hot chocolate mix and the Russian tea are winter staples around our house.  Both are home made powdered mixes that require you to simply add water!  Have hot chocolate piping hot and ready for the crew when they come in out of the cold!  Kids and adults alike love it!  A couple marshmallows melting on the top is all that is needed to take any chill off!  The Russian tea is a lighter tangy hot drink... think lots of oranges, lemons cinnamon and allspice in a hot tea and you are beginning to get the appeal of Russian tea!  A favorite at home and the office as well!

The old fashioned homemade eggnog is fabulous for a holiday party.  It makes a large bowl, don't worry, even though it is rich, it won't last long!  The perked hot apple cider  or Wassail are both also great for the holidays.

Kahlua is a Mexican coffee Liqueur with vanilla.  The homemade Kahlua recipe is made ahead and can be stored in the refrigerator for several weeks.  This makes a fabulous Kahlua Russian Bear in minutes!

We all like coffee and mocha drinks, and the eye opener coffee punch is great to serve with brunch to guests on a lazy Sunday!

Summer isn't summer without good Margaritas, frozen Peach Daiquiri, or Coffee n Cream float! I almost forgot the lemonade coolers, they are perfect for a hot summer day! 

Have fun trying them all!  It is hard to say which are our favorites!  They are all good!





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