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The process of trying food recipes - finding the good ones, tossing the mediocre ones is time consuming and frustrating!  So, I usually just rely on my mother's lifetime of research!  She has tried so many recipes over the years, she says she can almost taste one before she makes it! 

This site is the lifetime collection of the tried and the true.  Recipes from the kitchen of my mother, Helen Rich, with a few additions from me, my children (Angela, Ashleigh and Taylor), family and friends!

Like most children, I have fond memories surrounding "Mom's home cooking"!  However, the mouthwatering memories of her cooking are not a figment of a childhood imagination!  Simply put, her food recipes ARE the best!!  ...Just ask any of her children, grandchildren, family, or host of friends that have been treated to meals from her gourmet collection of free food recipes.

Mother has a huge sweet tooth, so you will find the dessert section to be much larger than the others!  You may find three or four recipes for the same food... it is because we simply couldn't decide on which one we liked best! 

Some of the recipe are simple, quick and yummy... others are more gourmet, and require a bit more expertise and prep time.  You will find a bit of everything in this collection.  There are even a few recipes for foods my mother remembers from her childhood!  Many are "comfort" foods you will probably remember your mother preparing, others are the spicy hot "Tex-Mex" that our family craves!  (If you like bland, our recipes are probably not for you!)

We sincerely hope you enjoy the free food recipes as much as we have!  Use as many as you would like, pass them around, and enjoy preparing special meals and treats for your family and friends!


It is with love and admiration that we dedicate this free online collection of recipes, the ultimate in family cookbooks, to our "Nan" as she is called by her grandchildren!  Thank you, Mother for the lifetime of reading and preparing fabulous new recipes and cultivating our love of food and cooking.  Without you, this incredible and diverse collection of online recipes would not exist for everyone to enjoy.  (A personal thank you for your patience in helping to complete this three year project. Especially for rounding up all of your treasured recipes and helping me to get them from magazine and newspaper clippings, recipe cards, notes, letters etc. safely into type so they will never be lost!)

We all love you dearly! ... and, by the way, what's for dinner!!!



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Reader Comments

Had to tell you we tried Taylor's favorite recipe, Mexican Buildup.  I fixed Gene's plate and he said" You think I will eat that much."  When he got done he said "I didn't think I could eat that much," then he got a little more.  Great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was really the greatest idea one could share with the world.  Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We are looking forward  to trying other recipes.  

...Lynda and Gene

Thank you for sharing your wonderful recipe website.  I canít wait to have more time to spend looking at it.  I make your banana bread all the time, and still have the recipe card that you wrote it on in your precise printing!  Iím going to find a new side dish from your website for our Thanksgiving dinner and will toast you and your Mom!

...Sherry  (a friend from high school)





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